Cherie D. Maestas

Professor and Head 
Department of Political Science 
Purdue University

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Recently Funded Research Projects

2018 - 2021 What Feeds Firestorms of Emotion? Emotion Regulation, Emotion Contagion, and Collective Behavior in Socio-political Events. Funded by Army Research Office (Award 72487-RT-RTP, $598,000). Co PIs Sara Levens (Psychology), Samira Shaikh (Computer Science), Tiffany Gallicano (Communications), and Wlodek Zadrozny (Computer Science).  

2017 - 2019 NSF Rapid:  Emotion Regulation, Attitudes, and the Consequences for Political Behavior in a Polarized Political Environment. (Award 1743847, 199,761 total) with co PI;s Sara Levens (UNC Charlotte Psychology) and Lonna Rae Atkeson (UNM). 

Applications of Natural Language Processing: Emotions and Attributions of Blame. Charlotte Research Institute Targeted Seed Grants ($59,000). Lead PI James Walsh, co-PIs Cherie Maestas and Wlodek Zadrozny. 


Serious Amateurs, U.S. House Elections 1992 - 2000.  

Maestas, Cherie and Cynthia Rugeley 2008 “Reassessing the Experience Bonus: Candidate Quality and Campaign Receipts in U.S. House Elections” American Journal of Political Science. 52(July)

Data produced from NSF Grant project: Atkeson, L.R. and Maestas, C.D. 2005 ”Who’s to Blame? Public Perceptions in the Aftermath of Katrina and Preferences for Public Policy Change" National Science Foundation Grant SES-0553047. (2005-12-1).