Cherie D. Maestas
Marshall A. Rauch Distinguished Professor of Political Science

Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Director, Interdisciplinary Public Policy Program, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


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Recently Funded Research Projects

2018 - 2021 What Feeds Firestorms of Emotion? Emotion Regulation, Emotion Contagion, and Collective Behavior in Socio-political Events. Funded by Army Research Office (Award 72487-RT-RTP, $598,000). Co PIs Sara Levens (Psychology), Samira Shaikh (Computer Science), Tiffany Gallicano (Communications), and Wlodek Zadrozny (Computer Science).  

2017 - 2019 NSF Rapid:  Emotion Regulation, Attitudes, and the Consequences for Political Behavior in a Polarized Political Environment. (Award 1743847, 199,761 total) with co PI;s Sara Levens (UNC Charlotte Psychology) and Lonna Rae Atkeson (UNM). 

Applications of Natural Language Processing: Emotions and Attributions of Blame. Charlotte Research Institute Targeted Seed Grants ($59,000). Lead PI James Walsh, co-PIs Cherie Maestas and Wlodek Zadrozny. 


Serious Amateurs, U.S. House Elections 1992 - 2000.  

Maestas, Cherie and Cynthia Rugeley 2008 “Reassessing the Experience Bonus: Candidate Quality and Campaign Receipts in U.S. House Elections” American Journal of Political Science. 52(July)

Data produced from NSF Grant project: Atkeson, L.R. and Maestas, C.D. 2005 ”Who’s to Blame? Public Perceptions in the Aftermath of Katrina and Preferences for Public Policy Change" National Science Foundation Grant SES-0553047. (2005-12-1).